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Kwikset Lock Repairs, Installs & Installations in Las Vegas, Nevada

Kwikset Locks

At Las Vegas Locksmith Pros, we have successfully dealt with tons of Kwikset lock problems over the years. Our expert locksmith is experienced in dealing with many types of Kwikset lock products, and constantly keep up to date the with best and newest in lock products. If you have Kwikset locks installed at your home or commercial office in Las Vegas, we can help get them back to working order. We also provide installation services for Kwikset handle-sets deadbolts, door levers, door knobs, keyless electronic locks and more! Our top of the line technicians will make sure they leave your establishment well secured and working properly.

  • Lock Rekeys
  • Lock Installation
  • Lock Repair
  • Fix Locks
  • Cylinder Replacement

We provide service to the following Kwikset Lock Products:

  • Handlesets
  • Deadbolts
  • Door Levers
  • Door Knobs
  • Electronic Locks
  • Single Cylinder
  • Double Cylinder
  • Keyed Entry
  • Smart Key

We handle all types of Kwikset Locks

Security of your property is very crucial. That’s why you need one of the following types of Kwikset Locks to improve your personal security as well as that of your assets.

Mortise Locks

Mortise Kwikset lock is installed by cutting the mortise into the door. The lock is then inserted into this cut. There are two different types of Kwikset locks when it comes to mortise locks; deadbolt and latch bolt.

Tubular Locks

This is the most common type of Kwikset set. Most doors have holes that have been specifically designed for installation of tubular locks. These doors are mostly used in bathrooms, bedrooms, closets and bedrooms. Tubular Kwikset locks are designed with a tumbler lock in the knob that is located to the outside of the door.

Electronic Locks

They use electric current to operate. These locks are sometimes made with an electronic control assembly that is mounted directly on the back of the lock. This allows easy access of the lock using a rhyming code and key.

Rim Locks

A rim lock is a locking device that is attached to the inside surface of the door. However this surface can also be on the outside of the door. Such doors have a smaller sized rim with a keyhole for installation of the lock.

Pin & Tumbler Cylinder Locks

These locks use a pin-and-tumbler locking mechanism. The mechanism has spring-loaded pins with small cylinders that are arranged in a series format. When you insert a key into these locks, it lifts the key thus pushing the driver into the top part f the cylinder. This is made possible by the presence of a top part, the pin and the bottom part, pin in the cylinder.

Mechanical locks

They operate when at least one piece of metal that can be levers, latches or tumblers falls into a slot within the bold, thus preventing this bolt from moving. Most mechanical Kwikset locks require keys for them to open. These keys are properly serrated to raise metal pieces hence making it fit for the bolt to slide.

All types of Kwikset Locksare made using the latest technology that makes the locks easy to install and use. The locks are made using 4 AA batteries that permit easy access using personalized codes of the user. These locks can be connected to home control systems, security systems and security systems.

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